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  • Standard 8" & 10" Rakes Available for Immediate Shipment
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  • Avg. Shipping Anywhere in US $300 - $500 for our lighter weight rakes

A Message From Randal Steelman,
Owner of Dozer Rakes

A few years ago, I purchased a few hundred acres in NE Texas. It was a mess and it needed lots of work. Shortly after that, I purchased my first dozer.

It wasn’t long before I realized that I needed a tool to help me do a better job clearing the land.

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After searching off and on for several months and looking at numerous used (bent, warped and abused) dozer rakes I decided to bite the bullet and look for a new one. I was lucky to find Randal’s website. I had several different questions and he was always quick to respond either via e-mail or a phone call... Shaun Beroset
I am very happy with my rake it has done an excellent job at clearing mesquite trees and other over growth. I have no regrets about buying it or using it. Long story short it’s a great product made right here in Texas sold by a Texans and used worldwide! You’re a bold man in Christ Randal and that takes guts! Jake Dickerson
The “RAKE” (spelled in capital letters) is the real-deal made with pride. I enjoyed talking with you and telling dozer stories and how you helped me make a decision on purchasing the rake that would work best for my application. All I can say is thank you. The rake performs very well and leaves a nice clean look. From now on every dozer I own will have your rake on it. Thanks again GOD Bless!!!! John Harris

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