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Family Owned & Operated Business Serving Customers For Over 35 Years

Hello! My name is Randal Steelman.

I am the voice on the other end of the phone when you call. My main job, and the one that pays the bills, is managing Lone Star Coaches in Grand Prairie, Texas.

How I got into selling brush rakes:

A few years ago, I purchased a few hundred acres in NE Texas. It was a mess and it needed lots of work. Shortly after that, I purchased my first dozer. It wasn’t long before I realized that I needed a tool to help me do a better job clearing the land. I spent the next several weeks researching everything that I could find about brush rakes. I learned that most of the rake manufacturers were in Oklahoma or Texas. I went out and physically looked at several different rakes before I made my decision to buy. I decided to buy my rake from a fabricator in the Houston area. His rakes were not the cheapest out there, but I thought they were the best.

When I called him to place an order, we talked for a very long time. We hit it off and when he found out that we had a shop in the Dallas area, he talked me into becoming his Dallas distributor. After coming up with my website, I sold 42 rakes my first year in business.

I have been selling rake now for several years and my sales continue to grow, I have sold several hundred rakes, but the best thing about it is that I can proudly and honestly say that I have had no dissatisfied customers. No one has called wanting their money back or calling me names. When I do get a call, my customers are normally asking a general question about mounting or commenting about how much better and stronger the rake looks once they’ve seen it first-hand. I now have many repeat customers and lots of satisfied customers.

Give me a call and let me find the right rake for your dozer needs.​

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